Testing station for medium voltage transformers

At the beginning of year 2015 we put into operation the "TESTING STATION FOR MEDIUM VOLTAGE TRANSFORMERS”. The main components of the station were designed and delivered by famous companies HAEFELY HIPOTRONICS (CH) i TELAB (PL).
This equipment enables us to perform following tests and measurements:

  1. insulation strength with testing voltage,
  2. insulation strength with induced voltage,
  3. measurement of winding resistance,
  4. measurement of insulation resistance,
  5. measurement of voltage ratio and check of phase displacement,
  6. measurement of no-load loss and no-load current,
  7. measurement of short-circuit impedance and load loss,
  8. measurement of partial discharges level with the registration sensitivity below 1 pC,
  9. temperature rise test
  10. measurement of emitted noise level with suppression of background level 40 dB and with the
    reverb decay time of 0,15 s.