Supply of medical locations

Modern medicine is supported by sophisticate electronic appliances used to provided diagnosis, treat illness and save life. Such appliances need to be supplied by an extremely safe and reliable power source. 

If traditional method of power supply is applied (earthed neutral system), then the electric energy can be dangerous. Especially sick people, children and neonates are exposed to electric shock. Natural human protective barrier, i.e. epidermis, is interrupted during treatments and operations. The patient can be connected to various instruments which are connected simultaneously, through signal lines, with recording devices. Damage to the insulation of any appliance supplied from traditional network causes the risk of electric shock to the patient and will immediately switch off the damaged appliance and sometimes other appliances which are connected to the patient. It is not allowed.

For this reason medical equipment is by an isolated earth supply IT which is manufactured in accordance with the requirements of IEC 60364-7-710 standard.

The application of IT supply system in medical facilities ensures the safety of patients and medical personnel because an insulation failure is detected but:

  • there will be no interruption in operation of the damaged equipment
  • other equipment supplied from this network will not be switched off
  • patient will not be exposed to the risk of electric shock

Medical appliances are fitted with a detection system which warns the operator of degrading insulation.

IT supply system is applied in medical rooms supplying appliances:

  • for life support systems
  • for critical treatments where interruption is not allowed
  • where there is a particular danger of electric shock
  • where atmosphere enriched with oxygen occur or may occur,
  • where flammable anesthetics and disinfecting agents are used,
  • where earth leakage current should be minimized.

Rooms belonging to this type include:

  • operating theaters with preparatory room
  • rooms for plastering
  • dialysis rooms
  • heart catheter rooms
  • rooms for endoscopy, especially conducted under general anesthetic
  • intensive care units
  • neonatal intensive care
  • others, e.g. beauty parlous

Proper IT supply system in medical rooms requires:

  • energy supply from at least two highly reliable and independent sources
  • installation of automatic switching system in accordance with EN 60947-6-1 standard
  • application of appliances ensuring safe switching and non-sensitivity to momentary interference occurring in supply lines,
  • installation of device for constant monitoring of insulation condition in accordance with the requirements specified in the following standards: IEC 60364-7-710; IEC 61557-8; EN 61557-8:2002 U,
  • installation of devices for constant control and signalling of medical transformer temperature and load
  • making appropriate system of protective earthing and equalizer connections.

Elhand Transformatory from z Lubliniec and Horus Energia from Warsaw offer complete equipment sets, manufactured in accordance with IEC 60364-7-710, for the safe and reliable supply of medical facilities.

State of nominal operation (no alarm state) of IT supply systems are presented schematically on the figures below:

HE-111 HE - 112 HE - 113
HE-111 HE-112 HE-113

Description: Zasilanie podstawowe – Basic power supply, Zasilanie rezerwowe – Reserve power supply, Temperatura transformatora – Transformer temperature, dopuszczalna – allowed, Prąd obciążenia – Load current, Prąd nominalny – Nominal current, Rezystancja izolacji – Insulation resistance, minimalna – minimal, Odbiór – Receiver

 moduł zasilania HE - 111 z transformatorem ET1MED i kasetą HE - 010

HE 101 power supply module
with ET1MED transformer and HE 010 cassette