Transformers with five legs cores


In many projects there is a need to adjust the dimensions of the transformer to the existing chamber of the machine. Construction of five-leg core reduces the height of the transformer. In the five-leg core there are two extra columns which connect the lower and upper yoke. The use of such a core in a three-phase transformer enable to reduce the cross section of yoke while the transformers power transformer and and column dimensions are unchanged.

Technical data

Design Transformers are produced in accordance with requirements of standards: EN/IEC 60726; EN/IEC 60076
Insulation class

F(155oC) or H(180°C)

Climatic class/
environmental class

C1/E0 - land design; C2/E1 - maritime design

Ambient temperature 40oC
Protection degree IP 00
Protection class I
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Primary voltage up to 1000 V
Secondary voltage up to 1000 V
Terminals screw terminal blocks, cable lugs or copper bus bars
Fastening by means of angles