Medium-voltage oil-immersed transformers


ELHAND Transformatory Sp. z o.o. within the subsidy no. POIR.03.02.02-00-0962-17, has implemented a project "New technology for the production of significantly improved medium-voltage oil-immersed transformers designed
to work with multi-pulse transformers".
The project implementation allows to obtain improved oil-immersed transformers with the following advantages, as compared to those available on the market:

  1. smaller dimensions in relation to the transformed power;
  2. lower consumption of raw materials; copper by 21% and steel by about 10%;
  3. greater cooling capacity;
  4. smaller temperature rise during transformer operation;
  5. extended lifespan of the transformer up to 15 years;
  6. high operation reliability;
  7. internationally innovative technological solution;
  8. possibility of operation in all climatic zones.

The direct effect of the implemented project is launching production of significantly improved medium-voltage oil-immersed transformers, designed to work with multi-pulse transformers.
As a result, Elhand can pride a device being a highly competitive alternative in relation to products available on the Polish as well as foreign markets.

As a result of the implemented project, Elhand offers oil-immersed transformers intended for:

  • industrial furnaces for smelting rare metals;
  • submersible water extraction pumps;
  • high-power pumps and exhaust fans with controlled air flow;
  • oil extraction stations located in all climatic zones;
  • modern power electronic medium voltage drive systems in multi-pulse version;
  • many devices in which small dimensions, low operating temperature as well as high resistance to commutation overvoltage from converters play an important role;
  • high-power industrial devices operating in harsh climatic conditions;

with the following parameters:

  • maximum rated power of the transformer - up to 5 MVA
  • the highest rated voltage - up to 36 kV
  • maximum weight of the transformer (with oil medium) - up to 15 tons
  • maximum dimensions of the transformer (with radiators, bushings)
  • length - 3500 mm
  • width - 2500 mm
  • height - 2700 mm

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