Single-phase isolating transformers with the power between 0,05 and 0,5 kVA for fastening on rail TS-35


Isolating transformers are assigned for supplying electric devices, if separation of electrical circuits required.
Special quick-to-fasten clamp enables the quick and easy mounting on the rail TS35 according to EN 50022. If agreed, the transformers may have more tappings. The windings terminals may be placed on one side only, or on both sides of a transformer.

Technical data

Design Isolating transformers produced in accordance with requirements
of EN/IEC 61558-2-4
Insulation class

B(130oC) - standard

Climatic class
/environmental class

C2/E0 - land design; C2/E1 - maritime design

Ambient temperature 40oC
Protection degree IP 00
Protection class I
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Primary voltage up to 1000 V
Secondary voltage up to 500 V
Terminals Screw terminals with nominal cross section from 1,5 mm2 up to 4,0 mm2 
Fastening quick-to-fasten clamps for mounting rails TS 35 according to EN 50022