Three-phase isolating transformers for medical location


Isolating transformers type ET3MED are designed for power supply of medical locations (room group 2), in which there is a danger for health or live of patients in case of passage of a small current through a human body.
These transformers meet requirements of standard PN/EN 61558-2-15:2011.
Standard transformers have a reinforced (double) insulation and there is a shield placed between primary and secondary windings. Transformers are provided with two type of sensors for temperature control circuits: posistors type PTC120.
Upon request, the transformers may be assembled in enclosures with the protection degree of IP 23, IP 44 and IP 54.
The fixing method of transformers has to ensure an electrical separation from the base plate (for example by means plastic support designed for rated voltage min. 2,5 kV).
In order to meet customer expectations we also deliver transofmers together with complete system, which monitors medical network IT
The delivered automatic switching system ensures:

  • feeding the reserve supply
  • control of basic and reserve voltages
  • sygnalling of transformer load
  • continuous monitoring of the IT system network insulation resistance
  • earth fault localization and signaling
  • monitoring of continuity of main circuits of contactor coils

Technical data

Design Three-phase isolating transformers ET3MED are produced in accordance with requirements of PN/EN 61558-2-15:2011
Insulation class

T 40E

Protection degree IP 00
Protection class I
Frequency 50 Hz
Primary voltage 3 x 400 V
Secondary voltage 3 x 230 V
Short-circuit voltage <3%Un
No-load current <3%In
Leakage current max. 0,2 mA
Inrush current 12 x In max
Vector group YNyn0
Fastening by means of angles