Electroheat system for concrete




Excellent method to accelerate the setting, hardening and curring of concrete.

One set consists of:

  • 2 x transformer ET3S-30 kVA 3x400V/3x42V
  • 1 x Control cabinet fully equipped with a set of power cables

The use of electroheat systems during the work with the reinforced concrete makes it possible to accelerate the setting of concrete as well as the exercise of this type of work at temperatures well below freezing. This control box allows for operation of one or two power transformers at the same time. These transformers supply the heat elements placed in reinforced concrete. The module is supplied with the mains cables with a cross-section 5 x 25mm2. The cable are put via bottom of the cabinet. In the bottom part of the cabinet is located main switch. The module consists of two separated circuits (for each of the transformers) which are protected with 40A fuse elements (fuse elements with time-delay cut-out characteristic). In addition, next to the terminal, there are two overload switches: one for the control circuits (right side) and the second for thermoregulator and digital clock. Each transformer circuit includes two power contactors, one of them equipped with a thermal modul and the second with the heat elements connected to it ensures the soft start-up of transformer. At the door of the cabinet there are two switches with indicating lights. It is possible to operate with one of the transformer only (plugged into the left slot) or two at a time. Switching the switch in the right position P will switch on the transformer connected to the left slot, and light of the green light located above the switch (OPERATION). In turn, switching of the left switch in position P will switch on the transformer connected to the right slot, and light the green light (OPERATION). Activation of thermal release causes the disconnection of the transformer from the mains and light the red light (FAILURE). Reconnection of the transformer requires prior manually reset of the thermal release. Operation with digital clock and thermoregulator requires prior reconfiguration of control circuits.