Three-phase shunt reactors for compensation systems -star connection


Three-phase shunt reactors type ED3K can be applied in compensation systems for capacity reactive power. This reactive power occurs in systems with synchronous machines and in vast, low and medium voltage cable networks.
The choke ratings are selected for typical used compensation systems.
There is a possibility to produce reactors with other technical data after mutually settlement.
The fixing method of these reactors has to ensure an electrical separation from the base plate (for example by means plastic supports ).

Technical data

Design Chokes are produced according to :
EN/IEC 60076-6
Rated output power

 2 - 100 kVAr - it is possible to make designs for other powers

Rated voltage 400V - it is possible to make designs for other voltages
Frequency 50 Hz
Protection degree IP 00
Insulation class F(155oC) - standard
Ambient temperature 40oC
Climatic class/environmental class C1/E0 - land design; C2/E1 - maritime design
Terminals screw terminal blocks or cable lugs
Fastening by means of angles
Overheat protection thermal switches