Three-phase protective chokes for harmonics filtration in compensation systems 14%; 525V aluminum windings


Chokes are assigned for operation in reactive power compensation systems to protect capacitive batteries. Together with capacitors, they form resonance systems which limit amplitude of harmonics currents.
It is possible to manufacture the chokes with various coil terminals like screw terminal blocks, cable lugs or copper bus bars, depending on the rated current. There is also a possibility to insert sensors in windings, in order to protect the chokes against overheating.

Technical data

Design Chokes are produced according to : EN/IEC 61558-2-20; EN/IEC 60938
Windings material aluminum
Insulation class

F(155oC) - standard

Climatic class
/environmental class

C1/E0 - land design; C2/E1 - maritime design

Ambient temperature 40oC - land design; 45oC - maritime design
Protection degree IP 00
Attenuation coefficient [p] 14% (fr-134 Hz)
Frequency 50 Hz
Rated voltage of capacitors 525 V
Rated supply voltage 400 V
Magnetic linearity ILIN=1,15*In
Thermal current 1,06 x In