Single-phase inrush current damping reactors for medium voltage capacitor protection


Single-phase air-core reactors EDD are intended for work in indoor medium voltage compensation system. They limit the starting current during the start of the medium voltage capacitor bank, thus protecting the circuit elements from overload. The construction of the chokes enables natural air cooling and ensures a correct operation in horizontal and vertical position.

Technical data

Design According to EN/IEC 60076-6 standard

0,15 mH


50/60 Hz

Degree of protection IP00 -  (indoor)
Insulation class T50B
Climatic/environmental class C1/E0
Insulation level Um 7,2/LI60/AC20kV
Um 12/LI75/28kV
Um 24/LI125/50kV
Inductance tolerance ± 10%
Ambient temperature -25oC - + 50oC
Thermal current 50, 75, 100, 150 or 200 A
Rated starting current 25 x In
Type of duty S1
Cooling AN