Name plate and testing

We conduct 100% test and measurement during and at the end of the manufacturing process. The scope of this testing is determined by the standard to which the product was designed and manufactured. Results of measurements are included in a test protocol and on the product rating plate. The transformer rating plate should include basic data relating to the transformer and the manufacturer. Included are:

  • Identity and address of manufacturer
  • Standard to which the transformer is produced
  • Type of transformer
  • Factory no. and year of manufacture
  • Rated power
  • Rated voltage and current
  • Vector group
  • Rated frequency
  • Insulation class and ambient temperature
  • Type of operation (where not included, continuous operation - S1 is assumed)
  • Cooling method
  • Protection degree
  • Short-circuit voltage
  • Total weight
  • Auditor symbol and certificate number issued by classification society providing acceptance.

    Additional product information can be placed on the rating (name) plate at customer’s request.


Example of rating plate (DNV approval and regulations):