Elhand PQ

Elhand PQ - Elhand Power Quality Harmonic Simulation Software - is a unique simulation program, designed to calculate the level of voltage and current distortions in the network with any structure of power supply and loads. The application allows to solve problems with distortions and harmonics, and to quickly and accurately analyse the parameters of the entire power system. It takes into account the negative impact of non-linear loads on the power grid and its parameters at the point of common coupling. EPQ also helps in the selection and optimization of magnetic elements (transformers, reactors, filters).

Elhand PQ is a very useful tool for engineers, consultants, users and designers of converter drive systems. It is dedicated to all people whose task is to compare and evaluate the performance and impact of drive applications on the power grid and other components of the system. EPQ characterises in a simple and intuitive interface, high functionality, finally the possibility of extensive analysis of results.

Elhand PQ is free software that helps to find the optimal solution for different configurations and parameters of a given circuit without the need for expensive measurements, tests or analyses.