Test Surge Voltage System

January 18, 2022

Test Surge Voltage System

Railway Industry is one of the industries where reliability is crucial for safety. At ELHAND Transformatory, we put our products for the railway industry, irrespective of the customer's requirements, through various tests and trials, one of them may be lightning test. This is our internal standard, requirement and guarantee that the product meets the requirements - it is reliable and safe.

Surge voltage test systems are used to test electrical network equipment's ability to withstand surges resulting from lightning or switching, among other things. These systems generate high-voltage surges that model the surge waveforms that occur in the power grid.

The test system at Elhand Transformers is designed to generate full lightning surges (L I) of 1.2/50 μs, and the performance and accuracy of the measurement system are in accordance with international standards, in particular IEC 60060-2.

Ready for a test? We are taking the traction choke to the test - one of Elhand's many products for the Railway Industry. Watch the video >>

ELHAND PQ – Elhand Power Quality Harmonic Simulation Software

ELHAND PQ to bezpłatne oprogramowanie, które pozwoli znaleźć optymalne rozwiązanie w przypadku różnych konfiguracji i parametrów Twojego obwodu bez konieczności kosztownych pomiarów, badań i analiz. Więcej >>

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