Air-core coils

Our company produces the coreless (air) chokes, 1-phase and 3-phase.
We perform the projects according to the individual technical requirements of our Customers.
Our air chokes have a linear voltage-current characteristic, i.e. the effect of ferromagnetic saturation does not occur. The air chokes are characterized by the smaller weight in comparison to the core chokes.
The losses occurring in the coreless structure of the air chokes are increased due to the strong dispersion of the magnetic flux.
The air chokes fulfill the function of inductive elements smoothing or limiting the rate of voltage slope accrual (du/dt). They cooperate with low-voltage and medium-voltage converters.

ELHAND air choke, type 3xED1PH-2mH/540A; 6kV

ELHAND air choke, type 2xED1P-4mH/170A; 0,75kV; 300Hz